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Firstly -

              It is illegal to fit non-approved parts  to an aircraft. 

    Approved HR100 brake pads are available from CEAPR for a little under €1000 a set. 

We can have your brake pads re-lined by a reputable firm (we are currently using a firm in the USA). This is subject to your brake pad back plates being undamaged and suitable to be re-lined. You send us your brake pads by secure (signed for) postage. We get them re-lined with the braking material bonded AND riveted to your brake pad plates for safety. We reserve the right to send you a re-lined set if we have them in stock and keep your back plates as an exchange in order to speed up the process where possible. They are then dispatched to you by secure postage. Usual turnaround time is 2-3 weeks. This service may be withdrawn at any time (as we are dependent on a third party supplier), in which case your pads will be returned at no charge. Below are some examples/views of re-lined pads. The idea is to keep us all flying and these prices are at a very small margin over our costs

The cost of this service is currently  £220/€250 (assuming postage to Europe) for  a set of 4. Please use the Contact page in the top menu bar to enquire and we will send you instructions and  a fixed price, depending on delivery destination.

These are Non-certified parts, and by ordering you accept full responsibility for this.

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