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Robin HR100 - The Best Affordable Touring Aeroplane ?

  • 454 litre/100 imperial gallon fuel capacity - You can fly UK to Spain (and back !) without refuelling.

  • HMRC fuel duty reclaim on 454ltr fuel tank capacity - £180 refund for a £40 (20 min) trip Lydd to Le Touquet ! 

  • Huge Range - fill up with tax-free fuel from the Channel Islands on your way back from Europe

  • Massive 11 hr fuel capacity allows operation from cheaper private strips with no fuel facilities - fill up while away.

  • Take off and land at grass airstrips with ease (I do) - reasonably smooth and 600m+ realistically.

  • 2600km range at 75% power. Yes, you read that right - See the flight manual.

  • 210HP engine - great load carrying ability - e.g. Pilot plus 3 passengers for 5hrs, or Pilot plus 1 for 10hrs+

  • Fuel injected, so no carburettor ice problems - more fuel efficient, and less to worry about.

  • Four place seating, 'exceptionally five,' (see Flight Manual for details) and very roomy.

  • 140-145kt cruise, or 125kt economy cruise, as you prefer.

  • Fixed gear, with (much) lower maintenance cost, but still faster than many retractables  (Piper Arrow, for example)

  • Variable pitch propellor for best performance in all flight phases and lower engine load.

  • Amazing visibility due to the panoramic canopy sliding windshield with no 'A' pillars and waist-line level windows.

  • Board from both sides, as opposed to single door of many Pipers or Beechcraft- safer and easier to get out.

  • Full airways IFR avionics - it was designed as a long-distance tourer (dual altimeters, alternate static source etc)

  • Large baggage bay that is accessible in flight or externally, and can take 132lbs.

  • Baudin Cruzet Autopilot, originally fitted as standard. Century II modification available.

  • Less than 9 gallons per hour fuel consumption at altitude.

  • 14,300ft official operating ceiling, to get above a lot of the weather (it will go higher !)

  • Great Instrument training platform - very stable

  • Smooth six cylinder continental engine for 'Safari' (210HP) or Lycoming for 'Royale'(200HP)

  • Ground power connector and towbar and steering nosewheel

  • 4 place intercom, so you can talk about the amazing view from the panoramic canopy

  • Smooth faired airframe producing less drag, greater speed and less ice accretion.

  • Max speed 160kts in smooth air, but retains great low speed handling.

  • Still looks sleek and stylish compared to modern aircraft.

  • Entirely metal construction (with some fibreglass fairings, wheel spats etc) 


  The Negative points:-


  • They didn't make many Robin HR100s and you are not allowed to marry one - but EASA rules may change.

Rare line up of three UK registered HR100s - Royale (left) and 2 Safaris- Photo courtesy John King of Aerofab, Thruxton

Photo © and by very kind permission of Scotty Antico

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And from the Designer of the Robin HR100 - Chris Heintz....

Great value Camera to film your flying. Astonishing quality for the price.....

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