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Firstly - Owning any aeroplane is a serious commitment.

Is it worth it ? I think so.


Why ? -


I can go anywhere I like. Obviously, some places only once, as I may get shot down or imprisoned, but I can. 

- The point is, I'm free.


I can take my wife to Paris for no reason - and, if you have been married for a long time, definitely for no reason.


I can tell people I have an aeroplane and I can tell stupid people I have a private jet (with a propellor).


I can lie about my adventures - Croatia, Algeria, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania.....Malaria, Dementia, Chlamydia...


My four year old son is convinced I'm  God, and sadly heading for disappointment.


I can visit the cockpit when I fly Ryanair and ask the pilots tricky questions (in Slovenian)

or, I can

  • Explore

  • Travel

  • Conquer

  • Learn

  • Grow

  • Escape

  • and  smile.

Convinced - ?













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